Logo Conference of Computer Systems and Computing Engineering JISIC-2019The School of Systems Engineering of the National Polytechnic School of Quito, Ecuador, to promote scientific research, a fundamental pillar of our institution, organizes the tenth edition of the Conference on Computer Systems and Computer Systems Engineering (JISIC) together with the First International Congress on Information Systems and Software Technologies ICI2ST 2019.

JISIC 2019 is an opportunity for researchers, engineers and developers from academia, industry and the public sector to meet and discuss recent trends on issues related to Information Systems, Software Engineering and Applications. The conference will accept applications in research and technologies, theory, design and implementation of modern information systems, software systems and IT applications.

JISIC and the ICI2ST 2019 will be held from November 13 to 15, 2019 in the auditorium 2 and the convention hall of the Classrooms and Relations with the External Environment (EARME) building, at the José Rubén Orellana polytechnic campus.

This event will feature the participation of prestigious national and international speakers with extensive experience in the areas of Information Systems, Software Technologies and IT Applications.



The general themes of the ICI2ST 2019 are the following:

Information systems:

Software Engineering:

IT applications:

Information and Knowledge Management Requirements Engineering Electronic Government and Public Sector
Business Processes Empirical Software Engineering Business Applications
Business Architectures Software Systems Architectures Industry 4.0
Quality Information Systems Processes and Methodologies

Information Technology in Teaching and Learning

Data Science and Applications Quality management E-Health applications
Information Systems and Security Maintenance and Testing Smart cities
Natural Language Processing Project Management Software IT Applied to Cultural Heritage
  Security in the Software Development Process Disability, Technology and E-learning

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