Theme: Disability technology and e-learning


The Ibero-American Network of Educational Information Technology (RIBIE) Ecuador supports the organization of the I International Conference on Information Systems and Software Technologies ICI2ST to be held in the city of Quito, capital of Ecuador from 13 to 15 november 2019 at Escuela Politécnica Nacional. ICI2ST 2019 and the Informatics and Disabilities Workshop will be an event, at the highest level of research and applicability, oriented to the exchange of experiences in the area of Information Technology applied to teaching-learning processes; as well as the use of ICT in inclusion projects for people with disabilities. This workshop is multidisciplinary and aims to integrate stakeholders in the different areas involved to improve educational processes and inclusion for people with disabilities.

Topics for the Workshop:

  • Information Technology in Teaching and Learning. (Research and technological solutions aimed at inclusion of people with disabilities in the field of education with the help of ICT).
  • Disability Technology and E-learning. (Research and technological solutions applied to the improvement of educational processes and inclusion of people with disabilities).

The papers will be submitted on:


PhD. Marco Santorum G.

Escuela Politécnica Nacional

Quito- Ecuador

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